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Mafikeng was recently renamed Mahikeng, as this is believed to be the correct version of the tribal word for the place among rocks, as this South African retreat in the North West Province is affectionately known by the locals. This name comes from the origin of the area, which dates back to the Stone Age, when hunter-gatherer tribes lived off the rich supply of the fertile land. The iconic rocks would shelter these ones as they lay in wait, while their prey (usually antelope) drank water from the local Molopo River. Many years later, between 1899 and 1902, this area gained global recognition for the Anglo Boer War, fought between the English settlers and the descendents of the Dutch, who fought one another and the local tribes for this valuable land.

This rich history has granted Mahikeng / Mafikeng a complex heritage, which is palpable throughout the natural, architectural and historical features of the town. It is a vibrant destination of colours, languages and national groups and is becoming increasingly popular amongst local and international tourists. In addition, it is also gaining increasing respect as a wedding venue, honeymoon destination and vacation retreat. Along with magnificent venues in which to enjoy your special day, there are also a number of accommodation facilities that guarantee unique and memorable honeymoon suites.

The town of Mahikeng / Mafikeng is well equipped in terms of products and services, offering visitors plenty of resources to ensure the success of their wedding and honeymoon. Such amenities are close at hand.

Newlyweds that are staying in this region for their honeymoon and wedding guests that are opting to extend their stay to incorporate a holiday will be pleased at the abundance of opportunities to see and do a number of fun, interesting and exciting things in Mahikeng / Mafikeng. These include:

The Mafikeng Museum (where the Anglo-Boer War exhibits tell the tale of a significant, but detrimental time in South Africas history)
Kanon Kopje (a fort built during the Warren Expedition of 1885)
The Kgotla of the Barolong Boora Tshidi (a place in which Chief Montshoia and his tribesmen would meet to discuss various issues, including battle tactics)

  • The Mafikeng Siege Cemetery
  • The home of Sol Plaatje (a famous politician, journalist and human rights fighter)
  • The beautiful Mafikeng Game Reserve, Manyane Game Lodge and Botsalano Game Reserve
  • Heritage House
  • The Lotlamoreng Cultural Reserve
  • Montshiwua Dam and Modimola Dam (great for fishing and picnicking)
  • The Mmabana Cultural Centre
  • Wondergat (an inland diving centre)
  • The Scout Centre of Excellence for Nature & Environment
  • The Tusk Mmabatho Casino Resort.
  • The Leopard Park Golf Club and the Mafikeng Golf Club
  • Bethels Rocks
  • The Masonic Lodge (a venue for concerts during the Anglo-Boer sieges in the late 1800s)
  • The Cecil John Rhodes Monument